We believe when customers' needs are at the centre of your legal expenses proposition, there are no losers.

Our mission is to cultivate change and challenge the traditional model of the UK legal expenses sector. We work collaboratively with insurers and brokers to develop highly efficient, customer-centric legal expenses solutions to unlock the true value of legal expenses

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We’ve got fresh perspective and aren’t shackled by the entrenched processes of traditional providers. As a result, we're agile, flexible and efficient in what we do

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Our solutions are always built with the customer in mind and are continually evolving to meet their changing needs

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We look for ways to reduce friction and cost for our partners through the power of digital

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We know old solutions don’t fix new problems, so we’re always learning to meet the needs of today and tomorrow

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We believe the best results come from working in collaboration with our partners

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We expect high standards of our partners and we work with experts at every point in the supply chain

Coral is here to shake up the legal expenses market. We’re ensuring our partners are better equipped with customer-centric legal expenses solutions.

The insurance market is an ever-changing environment. At Coral, we adapt our solutions to meet the evolving needs of you and your customer. We do this through our customer-centric legal expenses solutions to ease pain points and cover emerging risks.

Everything we do is through the prism of fresh perspective and a progressive outlook: making everyone better off. We work with forward-thinking and digitally enabled partners to remove friction and cost from insurers and brokers.

Above all, we operate with a different and inquisitive mindset. We’re not afraid of new ways of working which is why we flex to suit your requirements. Most importantly, we aren’t shackled by the entrenched processes of traditional LEI providers.


Our portfolio of services combine to create a transparent, cost-efficient solution designed to the requirements of our business partners and their customer