It’s time for an evolution

Coral Insurance is exceeding its partners and their customers' expectations through a collaborative, more consumer-led approach to legal expenses insurance
What makes us different?

Our partnerships

Coral Insurance works with insurers and brokers of all shapes and sizes. We offer surety and confidence through our unique approach to providing bespoke legal expenses insurance for the future market

Our partnerships


Our range of services can be designed around the requirements of each client – with a focus on delivering a solution that meets their business objectives while serving the needs of their customers

The future of motor legal expenses

Our fresh insight delves into brokers' thoughts on the future of motor legal expenses in a post-reform world

The future of motor legal expenses

True collaboration is a recipe for success

In absence of the hitherto elusive crystal ball, a new era of collaboration holds the promise of an expedient route to a brighter future in the legal expenses market.

Increasing the utilisation of legal expenses is a win-win

It’s something of a paradox that legal expense insurance, which represents one of the most meaningful and cost-effective ways of providing people with access to legal support – remains one of the least understood products in the UK insurance market.

Coral Insurance enters legal expenses insurance market

Coral Insurance, part of the BHL Group, has been launched 15th June with a mission to shake up the UK legal expenses insurance (LEI) market. Will Price, director, said that reforms to personal injury will accelerate customer demand for LEI, and, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 is, “perfect timing” for a purpose-driven new entrant.

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