Claims auditing for insurers and brokers

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We will work with you to evaluate your entire processes and ensure your operating model is at optimal efficiency

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We will audit all processes to ensure that each area is optimised, guaranteeing a reduction in costs

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Our reporting covers service delivery, underwriting and financial controls, as well as regulatory factors

We insist on the highest professional standards from both panel and off-panel firms

Coral’s rigorous approach to claims auditing ensures that firms meet the stringent standards of legal excellence.

Our panel and non-panel audits provide a summary report detailing overall results, customer outcomes and root cause analysis.

The auditing services covers:

Service delivery

Our service delivery enables us to monitor the service level agreements within the claims teams.

We monitor the customer communication and response times, effectiveness of file management and complaints management.

As well as this, we help to manage conflict identification and allocation to alternative firm.

Service is tracked through the use of customer feedback, quality of the customer journey and complaints management.

Underwriting control

We ensure quality control of our underwriters by monitoring the process and outcomes against the agreed terms.

This includes monitoring financial control, appropriateness of adverse cost and communication of liability.


We maintain oversight of our supply partners.

We ensure that all arrangements adhere to all laws or regulations that may apply.

This includes monitoring the clarity and accuracy of communication to your customers. As a result, customers will be fully informed and aware of the links between partner and law firm.

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