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We guarantee strong oversight of the claims journey. This is supported by our forensic MI and analysis and our elite panel of law firms across all jurisdictions and disciplines

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We can offer a range of flexible commercial models to help your business grow

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We’ll align with your brand and goals to ensure we fit with your customer journey and create a seamless customer experience

When you partner with Coral, you will benefit from a partnership of close collaboration, fresh insight and new ideas to drive product innovation.

Coral knows how important your customers are to you, which is why we work closely with you to ensure your solution meets your customers’ needs.

We have the flexibility and range to ensure every broker in the market has the perfect solution.

We will grow and develop with you, too, making sure your products change with the times and are always ahead of the curve.

No matter how you operate, we offer a range of commercial models that can flex to suit your business and help you grow. We also guarantee strong oversight of the claims journey with the reassurance of our trusted partners and elite panel of legal firms.

What’s more, we’ll be your brand champions from the beginning. We want to know what makes you tick and will get an in-depth understanding of your brand and goals so your customers will experience a seamless customer journey that will be true to your brand.

We’ll do the heavy lifting to move your LEI to Coral and plan and manage ongoing changes, so you can concentrate on running your business

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